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We are a small team of friends and followers with high quality houses worldwide and
wish to rent them to selected people who share our sensibilities.

Unica Houses

A range of villas, exclusive in terms of location, architecture, interiors and of course....stunning views.

Unica Culture

Experience the joy of local cultures, live amongst tasteful, unique, modern or antique homes. 

Unica Spirit

The spirit of a luxury Unica House means the right balance of natural envioronment and architecture.

Unica Italian Style

Relax and immerse yourself Italian style in a house in Italy or worldwide in Unica Houses.

Unica Awareness & Accountability

To live responsibly in the Unica Houses ... means preserving their uniqueness and building a personal network between you, the Unica Network and the owners.

Unica Services

Everything you want exactly as desired, both inside and outside your Unica House.

Unica Awards

Our goal is your total satisfaction endorsement, once back home you are welcomed into the body of Unica House Members and Supporters and you can continue to be part of our friends network.